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How To Ship A Car Checklist

Preparing Your Car for Transport

To prepare your vehicle for transport, start by researching reliable car shipping companies and obtaining quotes. Once you’ve chosen a reputable company, decide on the appropriate transport method, whether open or enclosed, based on your car’s specific needs. Begin the preparation process by thoroughly cleaning your vehicle, documenting any existing damage with photos, and removing all personal items. Ensure that all fluid levels are correct and that tire pressure is suitable for transport. Disable any car alarms or anti-theft devices that may interfere during the process. Keep your fuel level at around a quarter tank for loading and unloading convenience. Provide the transport company with a spare set of keys to your vehicle and communicate any special requirements or considerations. Be present during the pre-loading inspection of your vehicle and maintain communication with the transport company to stay updated on your vehicle’s status and anticipated delivery date. Following these steps will help guarantee a successful and secure car shipping experience.

The First Steps in Shipping a Car Checklist

Selecting the ideal car shipping method tailored to your specific transportation requirements is crucial. Open auto transport is a cost-effective choice, providing budget-friendly rates to move your vehicle. On the other hand, enclosed auto transport offers comprehensive protection, shielding your car from external elements such as dirt and weather, ensuring the safety of your vehicle throughout the journey. Make your decision based on your priorities and needs.
Determine your preferred date and time for your meeting with the car shipping company driver or a trusted representative. Arriving at the designated location at least 15 minutes in advance ensures a smooth and punctual handover of your vehicle.
Obtain duplicates of all your vehicle's keys, especially if you possess only one set. The U.S. Department of Transportation mandates that the car shipping driver must have a key for every lock on the vehicle. Provide the extra keys to the driver while retaining the original set for yourself.

Before Shipping Your Car

Give some thought to cleaning your vehicle before shipping. A clean car will facilitate the identification of chips, dings, dents, scratches, and other cosmetic damages.
Create a checklist that documents every cosmetic blemish on the vehicle. List all the marks, note the date and time, and take pictures for reference.
Capture photographs of the car from all angles, including close-up shots of any cosmetic damages, and remember to date each picture.
Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle but leave standard car equipment like the spare tire and jack. Remove any covers such as spare tire covers, hubcaps, and grill covers.
Eliminate any items that could snap or fall off, such as radio antennas, bike racks, luggage, or ski racks. For convertible vehicles, make sure the top is securely in place. Specialty items like fog lights, ground effects, and spoilers should be properly secured or removed.
Verify the condition of your car's battery. It should be fully charged and securely fastened in the battery bracket.
Ensure that your car's tires are in good condition and properly inflated according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
Inspect your vehicle for any leaks or mechanical issues and inform the car shipping driver about them during the initial inspection. Additionally, provide any specific instructions for loading and unloading your vehicle onto the trailer.
Ensure all car fluids are topped off, including the oil, power steering, water levels, and transmission fluid.
Check your gas tank to ensure it has no more than 1/4 of gas remaining. This reduces the overall weight of the car for transportation.
Disable your vehicle's alarm system. If this isn't feasible, provide clear written instructions to the car shipping driver on how to deactivate the alarm if necessary during transport.
Fold in your side mirrors for added safety during transport.
During the car shipping inspection, ensure the car transport driver's official notes regarding cosmetic damage match those noted on the Bill of Lading.


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